Somerton Farm Donkeys

Have you ever stayed somewhere where there are Donkeys?  Somerton Farm Holiday Cottage has two lovely Donkeys, one called Pip and one called Cadbury.  They are super cute and very entertaining as they are always busy doing something – quite often getting up to mischief!


Looking out of the window you will see that they like to snooze, eat bark and chase one another around – sometimes they go so fast they nearly fall over.


Whilst growing up at Somerton we had a little donkey called Timmy and ever since I have dreamt of having my own.  Timmy was a typical Donkey in that he would either ‘STOP’ or “GO’ – he did not have an inbetween gear and really thought that all he should do was eat carrots.


When chatting one day during Covid Lockdown ( at a distance and outside) Laura and I decided we needed two Donks to join our farm.  Life had been very stressful and we had heard that Donkeys were very good for chats and cuddles.    Laura researched where we could buy two donkeys and we bought them without seeing them – we just saw a picture!  Because of Covid their paperwork was delayed and the seller kept putting us off collecting them because they did not have  passports – Did you know a donkey needed a passport?   We thought we had been scammed and began to think our two little friends would never arrive.


When we finally got the go ahead to go and collect them Laura was soon on the ferry in her big blue lorry.  The donkeys were so tiny it was a bit massive in terms of space!  We could probably have fitted in twenty donkeys as they were so  small!


They loaded quite happily as they were looking forwards to their new home on the Isle of Wight.  But once they arrived it was a bit of a different story!  They really liked the lorry and did not  want to come off!  My son came to the rescue and carried them!  Once their feet had touched Somerton soil they zoomed off with my son in hot pursuit. 


We knew from the start  that they were going to fit in at Somerton.  We were a bit disappointed that they did not Eeyore very loudly to begin with  but their voices have grown now and you will most definitely be able to hear them. Epsecially when Laura comes to see them and give them their hay.    The donkeys are only given treats by Laura – if you want to meet them and save your vegetables for them we can give them a little feed in a bucket but only with one of us to supervise as we have to be very careful what and how much they eat.


They are great characters and they make us smile everyday.  We love our donkeys and hope you do too.





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